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Mona Lisa Sportelli is a qualified dog groomer and myofunctional therapist , she performs high quality dog grooming in Melbourne , while dog grooming she also clips the nails of the dog , and provides custom cuts for all breeds of dogs.

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A history of Dog Grooming , By Mona Lisa Sportelli

Dog grooming has been practiced for thousands of years. The earliest account of Dog grooming was on the tombs of kings in the Roman period with imagery of poodles with their rear ends shaved and their chests left long. This was said to be done to mimic the look of a lion. These dogs were kept as guards at the entrance of kingdoms and used to protect the royal family. Even though dog grooming continued over the years, dog grooming salons did not appear until the 1930's. These were called doggy barbershops. They weren't very successful because all trimming was to be done by hand. This made it almost impossible to make a profit. It wasn't until the 1950's with the boom of pet dogs and the introduction of modern clipping equipment that dog grooming took off, with salons moving from the back streets and opening in the some of the most exclusive cities in the world. Now days dog grooming is done for many reasons. People groom for showing, hygiene and comfort for the animal. Dog grooming generally has 5 processes. The first being that the dog gets their nails cut and ears cleaned. This is done for the well being of the dog. If the nails grow to long they can curl around and grow back into the dogs pad. The ears are cleaned and inspected to prevent any infections. The second process in dog grooming is the bath. soap free shampoos should be used to avoid stripping the dogs coat of the natural oils that hydrate the skin. The next step in dog grooming is blow drying the dogs hair. Professional groomers will use a high velocity dryer with little to no heat. The force of the air straightens out the coat and helps blast away any dead coat. Then comes the brush out. this ensures the dog s hair is free from knots and tangles and helps the clipping process. The last and final stage of dog grooming is the clip. This is done with heavy duty pet clippers and the length of the coat is decided by the owner when the initial consultation is made with the groomer. Clean Cut Mutt facebook page