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  • Professional Dog Grooming in Melbourne

    mona lisa dog grooming professionals melbourne

    Mona Lisa Sportelli has been grooming dogs in Melbourne for over 10 years and still loves her job.

    Her service ensures that your dog looks great, smell wonderful and most importantly looks forward to coming back for his or her next groom.

    For the dog, grooming is often associated with loud noises and stress.

    Having the experience, Mona works with the dog to try and minimise the discomfort and make it a happy, fun time during the dog grooming process.

    Mona is fully qualified to do any breed specific clip and no dog or breed is too big or too small.

    All grooms include :

    Blow dry
    Nail Clip
    Ear clean

    This is basic hygiene that ensures your dog stays healthy and comfortable.

    Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information.

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    dog grooming melbourne

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About dog grooming in Doncaster and Box Hill

Dog grooming is the process of recieveing a dog from the customer for the purpose of giving it a hair cut, another way to describe this is to groom the dog , hence the term Dog Grooming , it involves a full wash of the dogs hair and trimming and cutting of the dogs hair during the dog grooming process.

About Melbourne Dog Grooming

Melbourne dog grooming is an affordable service provided my Mona Lisa Sportelli, she grooms around 15 to 20 dogs per week for private customers. All breeds of dogs in Melbourne are elegible for dog grooming.