Canine Myofunctional Therapy

  • At clean cut mutt we offer professional canine Myofunctional therapy also known as dog massage.

    The training to perform Myofunctional Therapy in Melbourne was done through the National College of traditional medicine.

    It is a safe and gentle manipulation of the dogs muscles.

    Like with humans, massage has a healing influence on the animal.
    It enables the dog to move more freely and In doing this the oxygen and nutrient levels to the muscle increase.
    This greatly helps the dogs body to rid itself of built up toxins.
    The benefits are immediate and very effective and provides a better quality of life for you loved pet.

    Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy:

    Increase bloods oxygen capacity
    Help loosen contracted short muscles
    Increases efficiency of sweat glands, as a result helping keep the dog cool
    speed up recovery from injury or surgery
    Increases flexibility
    Relaxes muscles and reduces tension
    Helps eliminate waste from the joints
    promotes a good stance
    reduces pain

    Who will benefit from Canine Myofunctional therapy?

    Dogs who have had an injury or surgery
    Working dogs
    Racing dogs
    Dogs with mild aggression
    Rescue dogs that are shy and timid