Pet Nutrition

  • Everyone wants the best for their pets, but sometimes there is a misconception that our dogs and cats can eat just like us.

    Cooked and processed foods eaten by humans are not suitable for dogs.

    Speaking to many vets I hear of animals flooding their waiting rooms with common medical issues from arthritis, allergies, eczema, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure and many more.
    Most of these issues are developed from modern processed foods.
    Their little bodies were not designed to cope with as many chemicals as we put into them.

    However animals can survive on almost anything we feed them, however we don't just want them to survive, we want them to thrive.

    We can provide you with the knowledge and understanding on proper nutrition for your pet.

    The nutrition that I teach and have studied was done through the National College of Traditional Medicine and is based on the work of Dr Ian Billinghurst, Vet and founder of B.A.R.F Australia

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